Saturday, August 26th, 2017



The Grand River is truly the grand river of South-Western Ontario.  At one time its southern portion was navigable by steamboats.  What could be better than rowing 22 Km along this scenic river to lose weight, followed by a dinner to put the pounds back on!

We will start the day at Bob Baigent’s Park Pavilion at the water’s edge (21 Ouse St. S. Cayuga), with coffee, muffins and fruit.  Rowers will be taken to our docks where the shells will be launched.

The tour price includes a mid afternoon dinner at Shelly’s Restaurant, after the row. Please make your menu selection on the Registration Form.

This tour is open to 2017 registered members of RowOntario and Rowing Canada Aviron.


Contact Information:

Organizer:  Louise Dunn   goulied@yahoo.com



START:  8:30 AM.  END: Late afternoon.

COURSE:  We will row to Willoway Park, arriving around 11 a.m. where we will dock.  After about a half hour break will row an additional 10-12 Km back to Cayuga.




How to Register

The registration form is available here.