We saved the best for last!


QUINTE ROWING CLUB will be hosting the ICICLE CHASE again this year on Saturday October 20th.  We are currently finalizing the details for the event, but as the chair for Quinte Rowing Club Organizing Committee (Maxine Walker), I can tell you that the location will return to WILSON ISLAND in the TRENT RIVER  near Stirling this year.  This is the original location for this event and I hope we will have some crews challenge the record times set by a Hanlan Crew and an Ottawa Rowing Club Crew in 2008 and 2009.  The course is the same – once round the island – but the launching spot is different.  So get your crews organized and  enjoy some practice rows in preparation!


The circuit is 20 km, half on the winding, beautiful back channel behind Wilson Island and half on the wider, more open Trent River.  It will challenge both your rowers’ fitness and your cox’s skill!  After launching beside the First Line bridge, crews will be timed from the moment they pass under the bridge until they pass under it again.  The row begins westward in the calm meandering Back Channel, then rounds the end of the island into the open water of Percy Reach, then down the Trent River (with the current) to the east end of the island, where the crews will have to find the entrance to the back channel and row back to the starting point.  The back channel is lined with lily pads, but apart from a few short stretches, the clear water is wide enough to allow overtaking.  And to encourage you to finish quickly, there will be BBQ hamburgers, snacks and drinks for everybody at the launch-site afterwards!


The course will be rowed in coxed quads, T11’s.  You can bring your own equipment or use OAR boats.  Captains, please contact Maxine Walker (maxine.walker@sympatico.ca, or 613-969-0942) regarding your equipment, as soon as you make your entry.  In contrast to most tours, where people enter individually, entries for the Icicle Chase must be made by complete crews.  You must register on Regatta Central (www.regattacentral.com).  Entries open on Monday 10 September and close on Saturday 6 October.  A ‘mixed’ crew must not include more than two oarsmen.  Coxes in all crews may be of any gender.  Crew names must be entered, and payment made, by Saturday 13 October.  If you have difficulty with Regatta Central, call them; or Peter Jepson (jepjepjeppo@gmail.com) may be able to help you.


The cost of the event is $250 + $27.50 per crew ($55.50 per person).  That includes equipment, trailering cost, provision of a portable toilet, and the refreshments.  There will be a partial refund to clubs which provide equipment.  Arrive at the site at 9 am, for a start (one boat at a time) around 10 am.


Directions: From highway 401 (either direction) take Exit 526, and follow Route 4, Glen Miller Road, north. At Frankford, turn left and continue north on Route 33 (with the river on your left) to Stirling.  Don’t use the road on the west side of the river: it’s closed!  At the 4-way stop in Stirling, turn left onto Carmel Road and continue west for 8 km.  When you reach a bridge, the launch spot is right there on your left.  Parking will be in the yard of Wrisky Crick Garage, a short distance back.  If you’re not coming on 401, ask Maxine to provide you directions by e-mail.  And please contact Maxine (maxine.walker@sympatico.ca, or 613-969-0942) if you have any other questions.


Difficulty:  quite easy, but crews are recommended to do at least one 20 km (2 hour) practice row, a week before the event.


This will be a great event, so get your crew organized, start training, and make your entry.  We look forward to seeing you!

How to Register

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