OAR Fees

Short-term touring seat and rental charges for Members

  • $25/seat a day (T7 has 2 seats; T11 has 5 seats including coxie seat)
  • $60/seat for a holiday weekend (Saturday to Monday)
  • $80/seat for a work week (Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Friday, if Monday is a statutory holiday)
  • $100/seat for 7-day week

Note: Touring boats are only rented to Clubs which are members of the Association.  The seat charge amounts collected must be remitted by the tour organizer to the Association treasurer.  Club renting boats for learn-to-row and other programs are responsible to pay for major damages to boats, oars and equipment.

Out-of-the country & commercial rentals require a deposit of $1,000 as well as proof of insurance.

Trailer use to haul boats: $100 per week.

We offer discounted rates for member club usage for learn-to-scull courses.  The rate for a week is $37.50 a seat.

Club Membership

  • $100 Annually

Individual Membership

  • $80 Annually

These individuals will be registered with Rowing Canada Aviron and Row Ontario.

Guest Trial Pass (for non-members)

  • $25 per tour day

Note:  This is a 1-day, 1-time opportunity for non-member rowers to participate in a tour/long-distance event.  This amount must be added to all tour registration forms.  The guest trial pass amounts collected must be remitted by the tour organizer to the Association treasurer.

Fuel Charge

Tour organizers are responsible for paying directly to the Mobile Touring Centre trailer driver enough money to cover the cost of the fuel.  The cost depends on distance and the per litre price of fuel.  To obtain the distance, use Google map.

Association Trailer Handling Payments to a Mobile Touring Centre Host Club

At the end of the rowing season, the Association will pay the Club which hosted the mobile touring centre(s) an honorarium of $75 per provincial tour.  This honorarium recognizes the work of the host club in handling boats and storing / maintaining mobile touring centres.  The host club must invoice the Association treasurer.


Revised March 2019